BDOLocalGov’s response to NLGN’s “Commissioning Dialogues” report launch

Last night we tweeted our way through NLGN’s report launch “Commissioning Dialogues” by Adrain Harvey with Claire Mansfield and George McFarlane. The report examines the growing trend of commissioning and argues that dialogues between Local Authorities and their partners in the third and private sectors need to be improved for a more successful commissioning future.

Speakers included:

Adrian Harvey, Head of Research at NLGN
George McFarlane, Policy Advisor, CBI
The Rt Hon Don Foster MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, DCLG
Simon Morioka, Managing Director, Private Public
Martin Smith, Chief Executive, London Borough of Ealing

  1. BDOlocalgov
    Attending @nlgnthinktank event on Commissioning Dialogues. So far we’re really impressed with the view from Centerpoint! Talks start soon
  2. BDOlocalgov
    Commissioning can get outcomes properly aligned to need, as opposed to procurement… #localgov #commissioning @NLGNthinktank event
  3. BDOlocalgov
    An awesome panel of “commissioning ninjas” at @NLGNthinktank #commissioning event, according to Simon Parker < excited #localgov
  4. BDOlocalgov
    Securing value for money and reducing net service costs are top priorities for #commissioning in #localgov
  5. BDOlocalgov
    strategic commissioning process is a wheel and moves back and forth acc to @NLGNthinktank commissioning report, not a cycle! #gamechanger
  6. BDOlocalgov
    Authorities are finding it difficult to define outcomes for commissioning, and to secure data on them. Absolutely. #localgov
  7. BDOlocalgov
    Fear of legal challenge inhibiting many #commissioners in #localgov, yet uk has lowest levels of it in EU < Interesting & a confidence boost
  8. BDOlocalgov
    One #localgov chief exec says its “will” not “skill” which is the problem often in #commissioning
  9. BDOlocalgov
    A challenge has to be issued to both sides – commissioner and provider. Hear hear #localgov
  10. BDOlocalgov
    Procurement obsessed models of commissioning are not sufficient for the sector and its needs. Couldn’t agree more @NLGNthinktank
  11. BDOlocalgov
    Service providers should be involved in writing the exam question. This is the key, for me #localgov #commissioning
  12. BDOlocalgov
    Back to PRINCE2 principles @NLGNthinktank #commissioning event – risk to be seen as opportunity not always a bad thing! #localgov
  13. BDOlocalgov
    Over the last year, #localgov has not built the most innovative market place, suggests Simon parker of @NLGNthinktank #commissioning event.
  14. BDOlocalgov
    45% of #localgov questioned by @NLGNthinktank are becoming a commissioning council to meet resident need. Wow.
  15. BDOlocalgov
    Selby council now has just 14 employees. Rest moved to ‘access selby’ earlier this year. Above 90% satisfaction rate. Wow
  16. BDOlocalgov
    “Commissioning is the new black. Not long ago procurement was the new black”. Martin Smith from Ealing. Hilarious and true. #localgov
  17. BDOlocalgov
    We will have failed if we have a chartered institute of commissioners… #localgov
  18. BDOlocalgov
    @nmcinroy @nlgnthinktank see latest tweet re “commissioning is the new black”. A valid concern…
  19. BDOlocalgov
    Political expertise professional leadership and managerial expertise have to be aligned for any successful change in #localgov <Martin smith
  20. BDOlocalgov
    Doing more of the wrong thing and better shouldn’t be an option for #localgov. Outcomes focus will prevent this… @NLGNthinktank
  21. BDOlocalgov
    was suggested national work on defining #outcomes wld be useful. @NLGNthinktank researcher not sure-local priorities politics key. #localgov
  22. BDOlocalgov
    “If we wait for this to happen nationally, we may as well go home now”….! #localgov
  23. BDOlocalgov
    Must say from my own experience outcomes have to be driven by local needs and provider expertise of them to be genuine #localgov
  24. BDOlocalgov
    Not to say that more sharing and pooling of examples wouldn’t be useful! Struggled to find any on an advice services project earlier this yr
  25. BDOlocalgov
    Theres a shared interest in getting the exam q right – this is the easiest space to drive collaboration #localgov Answering is more private!
  26. BDOlocalgov
    End of an interesting and useful evening. Thanks to @NLGNthinktank and speakers. Plenty of food for #localgov thought (and for eating too!)

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